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Doing more "stuff" together


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Hello ena! Been a long time since I posted here but my relationship has been going very well in the 18 months we've been together.


Had some friends round my flat last night and for a minute we were discussing relationships. I've noticed that my relationship is a little different at times.


I only see my girlfriend 2-3 times a week even though I have lots of time on my hands, we live pretty close to each other and It's not as if my gf is busy either. I always thought that I didn't want things to get into a routine by seeing each other 5-6 times a week and doing the same things all the time but it's just come to my notice after my friend mentioned that I probably already am in a routine. It's weird, we've been together 18 months and we haven't even had an argument yet, not even a little one. Surely this is a bit weird??


She comes round, we have sex, we watch tv, we go to bed.


We do go on holiday quite a bit (3 times a year together) which is quite a lot for 21 yo's.


Anyhow, today I woke up and want to make an effort to be more creative. Maybe do stuff that doesn't involve just having sex all the time. I rang her today and told her after I have my dinner in 30 mins I'm going to go shopping in town. Maybe we could stop at a coffee shop or I could buy her a nice top or something.


How often would you say it is healthy to see each other at this stage of my life? I would like to stay with this girl for the rest of my life as she is a DEFINITE KEEPER. How creative should I be to spice it up a bit? Take her out for a weekend to London by surprise perhaps? I think I am posting this because I would like some confirmation that if I were to do the same thing all the time we would end up getting very bored and just splitting up. Fortunately my girlfriend is very easily pleased so probably hasn't even noticed us being in a routine lately.


Maybe post some ideas on how healthy/unhealthy you think my relationship is at the moment and doing what I am doing today is a step to maybe spice it up a bit.





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Good move lucky. Relationships do need some freshenning up sometimes. Even at my age its good to do things to break from routine and make the relationship fresher..better. Good going..


Ideas... I took her to a nice jazz bar on the bay at our opera house...was great . I suppose a trip to a park....have a picnic? A day at the beach? A nice lake for coffee?

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Well today went really well. It was quite exciting to just go shopping. I bought myself a ton of stuff but of course had to buy her a few clothes which was good fun too. Had a nice drink at a cafe and went to a food market too. Ended up dropping the stuff off at the flat and being x10 hornier than usual and didn't take long to be under the sheets...


I kinda wish we didn't have sex as we ALWAYS have sex but goddamn I was horny so couldn't help but rip her clothes off. Good times.


I think with the weather picking up here in the UK a picnic could be a good option. Thanks Jack.

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Lucky, I'm 23 and in my first serious relationship. We've been together 15 months or so and like you we hardly fight. We've had maybe one or two incidents where we didn't speak to each other properly for a day lol. But trust me, you should count your blessings, not question it.


I think 18 months in, maybe it's a normal thng to be in a "routine". Doesn't mean it's a bad thing.


Like someone suggested try going out more and doing stuff. (When we have extra change) we go out to brunches, the beach, restaurants, with friends, shopping, etc. basically we try to include each other in each others plans. Staying home every night and watching tv/sex/sleep gets a bit boring for me too.


Or I treat him to restaurants he's never been to. Or we go watch a movie, etc.. Just be as creative as possible and try going to places you've never been.

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Oh another thing, 15 months in me and my bf dont have sex as often so it leads to us doing other stuff together. But it's a great thing you both are so hot for each other. Like they say : if it ain't broken dont try to fix it. (in reference to the routine you're in).


Sometimes me bf does nice things like buy me a shoe when he goes shopping. i think it's incredibly romantic he thinks of me when he is out looking for stuff he needs.

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