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Oh lord someone please help me


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I posted a few months ago about this guy that works out at the fitness center at my apartment complex. He asked about my plans for New Year's and I said I didn't have any. He was like "Well go to ---- this band is playing." Well I didn't go, and the next week he was like "So what happened to ---?" It wasn't like he asked me out that time, but I was interested in him at that point. We joke around a lot and get along really well.

Fast forward a month. We were talking about the apartment buildings we live in. I mentioned I can hear my neighbors upstairs having sex all the time and I said "Yea, they sure do love each other." He then said "I hope my neighbors down from me say that about me!" I was like "Oh bringing home chicks from the bar are we?" And he said nah. I then asked non-chalantly "Oh, girlfriend" And he looked away and said "Yea" Bummer.

So this was probably 2 months ago when he dropped the girlfriend bomb. I hadn't seen him much in the past couple of months due to work commitments but this week I saw him again. It was just him and I in the fitness center and we made our usual small talk. He was laying on a mat stretching and I walked by to go get water and looked straight up at me and smiled and without thinking I said "Hello now, that's a good angle." I couldn't believe I said that, it just kind of slipped.

Anyway, he asked if I ever ran outside. I was like "Yea I compete in road races." He asked how far I could run and such. I told him that because of winter I hadn't run much, and he said the same with him.' He then asked "Would you be able to run 6 now?" And I wasn't sure what he meant, but I was like "Right now?" He said yes. And I said yea, probably. I don't know if he was asking me to run with him sometime or what, but I told him anytime he wanted to go running to let me know.

I don't know if he's still with his girlfriend. He never brings her up and he only mentioned her that one time. I am super, super attracted to him and want to do bad things to him haha. What's a girl to do?!

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Well, I'm a schemer at heart and I have to say, since he's working out at your apartment complex already, it would be pretty easy to ask him over for dinner some night. You should casually extend this invitation to his girlfriend, at which point he'll either reveal that he's not with her, or he'll invite her over and you'll get to know him and his relationship a little better. It could really benefit your friendship (or maybe your potential hook-up?) in the long run!

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In my opinion, he is probably still with his girlfriend. His failure to mention her in the beginning shows his lack of respect for her. From reading your passage it shows that he didn't openly offer this information until you brought it up. Had you not, he probably would have omit it completely. You're setting yourself to be the "other" woman. If you're not looking for anything exclusive, then do what you may. However, realize that if he can do it with you, he can do it to you. Just be careful so you don't get hurt. If you feel as though you will develop stronger feelings for him in the long run and expect something solid, you have to get seriously get to know him better beforehand.

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