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So after 3 days of NC...


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So on the third day of NC i go to the movies to see the new Fat & Furious movie with my boys and i feel good. We watch the latest movie which i ended up getting home at around 3:20am. Right as i am getting ready to go to bed i got a call from a private number and i pick up and it is her. And i am like...Why did you call private and she goes "Incase you dident pick up you would never know i called" So at this point am like * * * ? This is sooo weired but at the same time happy. So i say so wats up? How random that u call and she goes "I was at a get togther and was helping everyone that was throwing up and it reminded me of you (I got sooooo messed up once and she was totaly there for me in every way). And i was like ok...nicceee? lol So we talked a bunch of randomness and then as we hang up she says "talk to you another day" and i was like ok..an she goes now you can talk to "blah and blah all you want" (2 girls she always sweared liked me or something) and i was like whoaaa why do you even care and why would u say that? and she got a little mad and apoligized for it and w/e we hung up...weired huh? What do you guys think?

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I think that you should do the guy thing, and not think too much about what she thinks. She just wanted to talk to someone she knows/believes/thinks is still totally into her, and she can have any time she wants. Also a bit of making sure you're still there as her backup option.


Just play it cool. The less you care about it, the more it will irk her. It's hard to tell whether it will irk her enough that she will want to get back together with you, but that's the only card you have at this stage.

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Was she drunk when she called?


It was 3:20 am, and she was holding peoples hair out of the porcelain throne, heck yes she was under the influence.




Personally, I'd brush it off as a drunk dial and move on. If she didn't call you sober it's because she didn't want to. She called you late night / early morning because she knew she had nobody else to call that would actually pick up at that hour.

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I really hate it when women do this crap. Seriously. It's so selfish and mean spirited...


She called private because she knew the chance of you answering were slim..

so rather than being respectful and leaving you alone she blocks her number, so she

can talk to you, get her ego boost and then bust YOUR chops. All at your expense because she's selfish .


If I were you I would just laugh, because you're NOT letting her "win". And she can't stand it. Next time another 'private" number comes up, you'd be wise to let it go unanswered as well..or for that matter, any number you don't recognize.

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lol, i know...she was at my house earlier to that beacuase i have a two year old brother she loves to death and was playing with chalk with him and wrote something dumb about me i am thinking for me to call or text her like "you think your funny" and i ignored it and kept it moving, She mentioned she was here and i was like ohhh...yah? That's cool. and just kept saying randomness oh and she was like "So who'd you go to the movies to". and i was like why does it matter and what do you care anyways and she got upset and was like "your mean". lol i know this is breaking NC but i dident know it was her...now i know not to pick up blocked numbers!!!

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She wants her attention fix and you're giving it to her with the 'why do you cares' etc. Don't answer or respond in ANY way, positive, negative or otherwise to any of her probing questions. Just ignore and pass on. I would suggest, 'I'm tired. Talk to you some other time.'

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