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He talks to me all the time, but...


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I'm very confused. There was this guy I was seeing for several weeks. I really liked him, saw him about once or twice a week. Lately though, I haven't seen him in person, but he continues to contact me and text me pretty frequently. He recently mentioned how it'd been awhile since we'd seen each other and asked if I'd see him, I said ok, but he never set a time or place, just that we'd see each other soon. I was half-way expecting to hear something from him yesterday, being Friday and all, but nothing.


He's made all these comments about how I'm "the best" and how he doesn't have fun with anyone the way he does with me and about how wonderful my music tastes are and how if that were the only thing he liked about me, he'd still want to know me forever. Or about how he can relate to me so much better than any other girl. blah blah blah.


I guess that's all well and good, but I'm looking for something more serious. Someone who I see on a regular basis. I do like him a lot though, and I think that because I like him, it's interfering with me being able to focus on other people. Obviously if this guy were really into me, he'd want to see me more often. I don't know what he wants though. Someone to exchange thoughts about our days with? Someone to share music with? A friend, I suppose. I'm confused--should I stop talking to him and try to focus on other people, should I keep talking to him as a friend?

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Intially, he asked me every time. So, wondering about the very thing you brought up, I started asking him too--though he always sounded enthusiatic when I did and seemed to have a good time. I started noticing though after a little while, that I was doing most of the asking so I stopped--figuring if he wanted to see me, he should intiate us hanging out sometimes.


Surprise, surprise: I stop initiating and we don't see each other for two and a half weeks. Granted, he brought up us getting together a few days ago, but he didn't set a time/day so I don't know when that'll happen.


I'm just confused--he apparently likes talking to me and staying in touch with me and knowing what's going on(we do talk/text almost daily), but doesn't seem extremely bothered to see me?

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Honestly, probably not a good sign. If a guy wants to see you, he will. It's possible he met someone else, or that he's busy with other things right now. Maybe make yourself less available so he can't rely on texting or the phone to have contact with you whenever he wants. But in my opinion if he's not making plans to see you anymore (without an explanation), then it's probably not going to go any further.

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