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I agree with the previous posters. I could certainly take it. But I'm really oral anyway. I think the issue is in that you are trying to please your partner and not really being able to relax and enjoy what is given to you. It's a balancing act that takes some practice


Additionally, I think there are angle issues. I know with the lovers that I have had; they didn't seem to enjoy the cunnlingus as much in a 69 position as they did with just me giving it to them, so maybe the angles are different and it feels differently and not as good for you?

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I find it hard to concentrate on the pleasure I'm receiving while still trying to please him. It's fun, but only for a few minutes.


Ya in my opinion it makes it better, lets say the more she liked it in the past, the better it got, until it turned into something that really wasnt thought about and was just acted upon, if you get me, like less formal more spontaneous.


wow now that i think about it i kind of miss going down on girls, it always ends so well.

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69 is sexual multitasking, and other than the naughtiness factor, isn't really all that pleasurable because both partners are focusing on giving pleasure and no one is focused on feeling pleasure.


Theres a difference and similarity between pleasurable and hot, both are equally important to me atleast in sex. Depending on the sex, it sometimes leans on the pleasurable side rather than the hot. Good sex has both. 69 has more hot, less pleasurable, so i see it as amazing foreplay.


Its not something i could just 'do' for like an hour, its always a precursor to sex, very good sex.

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