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When do you decide to make contact?


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I wont go in to the history apart from the actual break up she didn't want to talk about what the problems were and said she was unsure of her love for me and felt she didn't miss me when I was away at work during the week. This was christmas.


End of February I picked the last of my stuff up and we had a little talk. She said she really wanted us to remain friends as we had known each other for so long and it would be a shame to lose that. I said I still loved her she still said she could not return that love. We should move on. I also found she has started casual dating. Says she is seeing how she feels about it.


Since then I have had the "how are you" with a little detail of events with her pupils at her school in the snow. On my birthday I got "happy birthday mate, thinking of you" and after I wished her a happy mothers day she told me what the her and her girls did back. Since then nothing for 12 days. I do know that if she felt I was deliberatly not talking her stubbornness might convince her not either.


So the question is do I keep going with this NC or try one message asking how she is since I have heard nothing?

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it took 10 years for my ex to contact me... you are being a bit impulsive me thinks. I know your going to hate it, but i say, give her a couple of months. She will know you would have moved on and it may be more comfortable to her to then respond.

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