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unusual reactions to wellbutrin?

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I started taking wellbutrin a week ago. I was told it could take at least a week for me to feel any effects. Instead I felt something the first day a little bit, and the second day definitely. Since then I've had the same effects from it for the past 5 days. I have some of the usual side effects, insomnia (I've slept 4 hours or less since starting on it, I don't feel tired though), sweating a little more, no appetite, occasional anxiety.


Where things get unusual though is that I've found that caffeine makes me feel euphoric. If I drink coffee or soda I feel just insanely good. Even without the caffeine I have moments now and then when I feel incredible, but with caffeine it's more intense and lasts awhile. Of course I am drinking more caffeine now I haven't tried an energy drink yet, but probably tonight.


I've also found that dextromethorphan (the stuff in cough suppressants) makes me feel a lot like I'm on MDMA. It's been years since I've done any, but I definitely remember the feeling. Now dextromethorphan can be used in high doses to hallucinate, but I'm not taking a high dose (40mg).


So I'm not complaining here, so far wellbutrin has been like a wonderdrug for me, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this? I've searched the internet some and haven't found anything besides people complaining about how they get drunk easier on wellbutrin.


As an aside, for anyone considering taking wellbutrin I have been amazed by it. I was always opposed to antidepressants but finally after spending a week drunk and suicidal was convinced I should give them a try. I feel incredible now, I'm happy most of the time and at least not sad the rest. I have so much more energy, I sleep 4 hours or less a night but wake up feeling great.

I'm horny as * * * * all the time, and * * * * ing on wellbutrin is insane.

For me the biggest draw back has been that I never feel hungry so I forget to eat until I hear my stomach grumble. I guess for a lot of people that's a benefit. Oh yeah, and even though I didn't want to I totally quit smoking. Literally the second day I was on it I just didn't want to smoke. I've tried a few times since then, it wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't the same either.

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I take it to counteract another medication that makes me drowsy. It works but it can make me anxious which isn't all that wonderful and not something I enjoy.


I don't notice any extra euphoria, except the increased libido and sexual response is amazing and sometimes quite distracting.


All in all I look forward to the day I can stop taking it for good (hopefully around menopause).

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Don't take any other drugs while you are adjusting to Wellbutrin. Not even cough suppressants. Wellbutrin is a much better alternative to SSRIs. But if side effects continue, talk to your doc.


I need to take the cough suppressants because I have bronchitis right now.

I actually want the side effects to continue, the fun ones anyways.

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