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Really tired of disrespectful, verbally/mentally abusive people!


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I'm trying to be positive. Had a lot of hardships in my life lately, been sick.. trouble paying bills, trouble trying to make friends locally. Trying to get out and do things...


It's getting to be the pits. I was going to this place to play music. I had borrowed my bf's guitar, and quite awhile ago.. went in thru this entrance to the building that had a weird step.. Well, i fell flat on my face.. hurting my ribs very badly, and was laying there for several minutes. This guy, who doesn't hardly play music at all, but comes out to see us play, comes up to me.. doesn't even offer me a hand to help get up.. and just walks off with my bf's guitar case in his hand!!


I'm like WTH.. 'where you going with my guitar?' I later told all the people I was playing with..I'd fallen, no one asked how I was doing.. offered any sympathy, nothing!! I was playing so slowly cuz I fell flat on my face and was having trouble breathing.. also hurt my leg.. Thought for awhile there I had cracked a rib, that's how painful it was..


Anyway... this group I play with, once in a while.. they have good musicians.. I've been playing for years so to play music with a bunch of people who only know the G, D, A and C chords is beyond boring!! I learned those chords years ago!!


Some of them.. think themselves really hotshot musicians however.. the G, D, A, and C players.. rotflol.. and some of them, even if they ARE good musicians are just downright rude!


There's a guy lately who showing up with a plastic tub for a bass and a stick!! And he thinks he's some hot shot obviously. I went to another place, a different place to play and was sitting next to a lady who's a real sweetie.. She's a nice lady and it's always great fun to play music with her, as she's so polite and kind to everyone! I have actually travelled pretty far a few times just so I could talk to her, as my list of local friends have dwindled during the past few years and I'd like to make friends with her.. She's a nice person...


I don't seem to meet too many nice people in our area anymore..

So.. last week, I drove all the way up to this other place to play music.. it's pretty safe.. no weird entrances.. and I was able to sit next to my friend, the nice lady.. The week before.. our group had played this song I wasn't acquainted with and I was asking her if she knew the song..

well, someone had JUST started a song.. and suddenly I hear this loud HUSH from the stupid guy who plays this plastic washtub & stick as a bass instrument..


So basically I wasn't ALLOWED to speak to my friend!!! What kind of crap is that??


I mean.. I was NOT screaming at my friend, asking what song it was.. he just happened to be sitting next to us.. but honestly.. WHAT NERVE THIS GUY HAS!!!

I feel like, the next time I see him, to tell him off!! Who the hell is this guy.. I'm talking to my friend about a song we could play... cuz we are all supposed to take turns playing different tunes, and he tells me to SHUT UP!!

I'm about to tell this person off! Crying out loud.. I don't make a dime on playing for these people! I been spending a fortune lately too, on gas, just to get out there..

I know that the people who come listen to our music, like to listen to our music..They've actually told me that... Not sure someone who doesn't actually play a real instrument, could even be CONSIDERED a musician!!!

I mean, what a stupid guy.. I've been playing with these people for years.... and he just shows up there a few weeks, or months ago.. with this stupid plastic/stick "instrument" and now he's going to tell me when I can or cannot talk!!

I've had people come up to me, in the middle of a song, and start asking me questions, and I sure didn't tell the to "HUSH" or shut up!


And then to make matters worse.. while I was there.. at the place where the guy with the plastic washtub had told me to "hush". there was quite a few older guys who were giving me really dirty looks!

Not one guy offered to hold any of the several doors I had to walk out of.. carrying that heavy guitar case my bf loaned me! I am like.. what is this.. I'm thinking.. Are you TRYING to prove what lousy manners you have?? Most guys will hold a door for you around here, especially if you are a woman, and carrying something heavy!


I'm seriously of thinking of not even going back there, though at times, there ARE some good musicians that show up there, and at those times, it's quite fun and educational to go there...


I'm wondering if I should just stay at home from now on!!


That makes me really sad.. as I really kind of like going out and playing music, but some of these people are just PAST rude.. I've never said a word to them either about their bad behavior to me.. but I'm ABOUT TO!!!!

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Draw a line under the incident. Don't go looking for trouble. Keep going out and enjoying yourself.


People talk at gigs. Ignore the bucket player and continue your conversation.


When someone disses me I confront it on the spot. A simple "Where are your manners?" Usually does the trick. If they try and get you into an argument I follow with a "Sorry. I mistook you for someone who actually had some. I over-estimated you which was my mistake. Jog on."

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