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Ex wanting to be friends to rub it in my face?

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I posted a forum a few days ago asking what it really means to be friends with an ex. At the time, it was just me thinking and posting to see what everybody thought of the situation. Ironically, the next day my ex (who is seeing a new guy) asked me to go out and study with her. I did but it turned out to be a mistake. She just talked about this new guy to me like I am one of her shallow, gossipy girl-friends. She would tell me how she hasn't slept at her house in over a week and tell me stories about when they would wake up. There were other details that weren't as in-your-face but those really stuck with me and bothered me.


She was the dumper and wanted to be friends which I stayed away from until recently. I thought that hanging out in a public place while doing homework could be a fun way to hang out with light joking and conversation, but it turned out to be zero homework and her talking about this guy and then other things.


Why would an ex do that? I would NEVER give details like that nor even talk about my current love situation. Her and I were not friends before our relationship so its not like we were even reverting to that. I can't tell if she is rubbing something in my face or if she talks everyone like that because I do not consider that appropriate conversation between exes; especially after it being somewhat recent since the break-up.


Any thoughts ENA?

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She's either an utterly horrible person, or an utterly inconsiderate person.


In any case, there's no point hanging out with her ... what are you getting from her but pain and annoyance.


She's not helping you move on, keep her out of her life.


Pretty simple if she's going to act like that.

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Its very true. I was hoping that we could salvage some sort of friendship out of this breakup because she did play a large role in my life and I'd rather see her as something positive than negative, but does take two to tango. And its not like I need NC because I want her back, I just thought a casual friendship would be fine.


I just don't know why somebody would think anybody would be OK with hearing that?

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She sounds selfish. She is wrapped up in her world and is not thinking of if this is appropriate for you.

She has moved on, and you should too...now is not a good time to salvage any friendship with her because it is hurting you.

Focus on yourself for the next couple months and maybe then you can try being friends with her....

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after my ex fiance cheated on me, and i was her friend for two weeks ( yeah I know I was dumb), she rubbed the new guy into my face every second, talking about her butterflies for this guy, thinking about marriage and kids, NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVEN ATTEMPT TO BE FRIENDS WITH A EX, its the biggest scam in the world.

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You need to cut contact with this girl completely. What she is doing is selfish, inconsiderate and damn right nasty. She may or may not be intentionally trying to hurt you but either way staying in contact will only make you hurt.


Walk away with your head held high and your dignity intact.

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