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I wrote this when i was...


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really really young. like about--16.


anyway i didnt even know it existed until now. so critique me 6 years ago.




I am here lying in the bed we made love in

the bed that we used to say "love" in

But that love is no longer here

Its not in my heart

It disappeared

Not even a hole or feeling of emptiness

that perhaps is the reason for sorrow

I dont miss you, i confess

But i do miss love

I miss showing and feeling it for someone

It gave me purpose when nothing else mattered

This sorrow not near enough for a gun

But my soul, still numb, broke and tattered


----i dont know if this second part is part of the same poem or a new one---


I feel adrift

on a raft at sea

without thinking or feeling

time and hope are lost and beyond recall

i stare at the sky

my disheveled and bruised body

strewn upon the raft like a bony drape

I wait

I wait

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