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My Breakup advice needed


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Ok here is my story thanks for reading


I was going out with my girlfriend 4 and half years nearly 5.im 29 she is 23.we had the best 4 and half years.we lived in a small enough town and we got on so well,we decided to move to the city and we got an apt first off we were getting on really well then we had small fights and we both got stressed cause she got a job really fast and i didnt and im still not working.i went home for 3 weeks due to money problems and my girlfriend stayed in the city.she travelled down to see me the 2nd weekend and we got on well,she said she was going out that weekend with her friends and i went mad cause i havent seen her for 2 weeks,then she text me and said I'm not Happy.so i rang her and said whats wrong and she said she she isnt happy with me and she wants to be on a break.i was shocked and very upset.i went over the next day and i told her how much i loved her and she was crying and said she needs to be on her own.so she went back to the city and i rang her 2 days after and said i need to know her answer cause i wanted to go back to the city and my life was on hol cause of it and i got my money problems fixed and i wasnt eating or sleeping.


so she hit me with it she said i think i want to breakup and i think i dont love you.we both just cried and we left it at that.the next day i sent her flowers and a card and i made my way up to her,we talked and she said she was thinking of it for a while and she tried to put it in the back of her mind and she said she is young and it feels like she is missing out on stuff and i never showed her much affection(which is true) and it kills me for not been so affection to her cause i was think about myself and my own problems she said i wish i could change the way i feel but my feelings are gone..i begged her as you do so she got a new apt and left me.i


it was very hard for a couple of days as i blamed myself for everything and i did a stupid thing and i texted her i said how are you and im sorry and i want another chance to prove myself and i would like to know if the door on our relationship is totally closed,she said I think so yeah! im happy and she said she didnt want to talk about the relationship anymore


i asked her was she with anyone and she said no she would not do that to me and she just wants to be on her own for a while and she feels sick kissing anyone else and sleeping with someone so soon.


So 8 weeks later i texted her and said do you want to meet up and be friends and she said i would love that.i know its a bit crazy cause i still love her and i could get hurt but i so want to see her as we were best friends as well as lovers and i want to see how she is getting on also im afraid if i leave it too long she will fall in to someone elses arms which would be horrible for me.


i did change my ways and i did go through an identity crisis i change my image and went to the gym.


i know when i meet her for lunch im not expecting much as i think she has totally moved on,she has moved on so fast and i was left in a mess.


i would love peoples advice on this as im still down about this but looking forward to seeing her face in 2 weeks

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You've got to take ehr cue and move on. When someone moves on so quickly it means that down the road they'll have to deal with it, or it can mean they were never that emotionally attached to the relationship.


She's right at 23 and moving to the big city there is a lot to see.


Bottomline is think long and hard about having a long term relationship. too many people want to see what's going on which is absolutely fine.


Just have multipel options avialble so if one doesn't work out you have others falling in line.

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