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What is the difference between Confidence and Self Esteem?


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I look at confidence as a word that defines a person who believes or is solid that they can succeed in what they set out to accomplish.


While I look at self esteem as a word that people use to describe there level of confidence in their psychical aspects toward attracting the opposite sex.


However, rather then using the word "self esteem" couldn't you just simple say, "I have very high/low confidence in my physical attractiveness?"


The words "confidence and self esteem" seem to be synonym words...yet people tend to use them both in one sentence and describe them as separate meanings...


Why can't we just all use one of them LOL!? I mean you never hear of a person that has high confidence, but low self esteem.... or vice versa.


Ugghh I think too much about stupid things (sorry for the ramble).:splat:


What's your guy's take on this?


Then again... they're not synonyms because although you can interchange them when talking about how you view yourself physically...You can't just take out the word confidence and replace it with self esteem when you're talking about how good you think you did on an exam for example. *BleH*

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Confidence is something that other people can help you build (complimenting you, etc.)...but only you can build your self-esteem.


I disagree with this part, at least your wording perhaps.

When you talk about confidence in yourself that is self-esteem. I agree they are related a lot of times but at others self-esteem seems to relate more to "value" and confidence is more "ability". For instance having no self-esteem because of my appearance would be synonymous with saying I have no confidence in my appearance. Being confident in achieving a goal makes sense, but saying you have self-esteem to achieving a goal just doesn't seem to make sense (at least language wise).

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Confidence: I know I can do it.

Self-esteem: I know I am worth it.



Very good. I will also add that while confidence may allow you to attract a person of the opposite sex, it is self-esteem which will allow you to not be a partner's doormat and will allow you to set healthy boundaries. A person with confidence may be able to get all the guys or gals...but if that person has no self-esteem, the quality of the relationships will be poor and full of drama.

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This is a good thread, a good question.


It seems that confidence and self-esteem may actually be two separate things, but they compliment each other. I, for instance, can be very confident but I know that I have quite low self-esteem at times. I am definitely more confident about how I look rather than who I am inside. I think thats the difference between the two words (for me anyway)!


I think it's very easy for people to fake confidence and I know I do this a lot. I can get very shy and feel insecure sometimes when my boyf and I are getting intimate, where normally I would not show that insecure side. It sounds complex but basically I can put on a whole range of confidence-(es)! to certain people but only let some see my insecurities.

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Confidence: I know I can do it.

Self-esteem: I know I am worth it.



This is really the best summation of the two.


I would say too, that self esteem is a form of confidence- It's a confidence that you are a good person, whose moral centre is balanced, who treats others fairly and kindly, whose values are important.


Self Esteem isn't about physical beauty. IMO it's about knowing that the WHOLE of you adds up to a person who enriches the lives of others. That if you were someone else, you would want someone just like you in your life...

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