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How to raise standards?


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I don't know if that is exactly the question I'm asking, but what confuses me is how some people aren't attracted to certain people that really appeal to others. I know everybody has different opinions, and being a 17 year old boy I know its normal to be attracted to every girl I think is even the slightest bit pretty, but I feel like this is really affecting my ability to attract anybody.


All my friends have much higher standards than me, and they all have girlfriends, so I have come to the conclusion if I am able to stop drooling over every attractive girl I see I may have a shot at one. I have been improving myself over the past year, but this is a flaw I feel like I haven't improved at all. How do I prevent myself from becoming attracted to almost every girl I pass? I don't do creepy stuff like follow them and watch them, but I take any chance I can to catch a glimpse or make eye contact with beautiful girls.

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