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Thinking of going off birth control

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Hi guys, Ive been on birth control for 8 years now and Ive been thinking of getting off of it while Im not in a relationship, just to let my hormones resettle. Has anyone tried this or has heard of people getting off of it just to see if it will effect their mood? Im on Alesse 28 and I know it’s a one of the lowest hormone doses but Ive been having these random mood swings and was wondering if it was due to the birth control. Id like to hear what you guys think!

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I was on Alesse, and recently got off several months ago.


I've noticed a change in many things, and notice it more and more as the months go by. PMS like I've never had before, my skin is just awful, periods are all over the map..but my sex drive is back [one of the major reasons I decided to get off..]


Generally though, my mood as a whole is better..but I am greatly affected by PMS now and feel really self conscious about my skin.

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I was on birth control (Ortho Novum) for about 10 years before I got off it to have my son.


I did not find it difficult at all to go off. I took more vitamins to help with the transition. I think aside from my daily vitamin I took additional B-12 complex, zinc, and St. John's Wort.


My cycles were normal and I felt like I had a lot more energy and a better sex drive off the pill. I also had less bloating and headaches.


I'm about to ditch the pill again and opt for Mirena.

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I was much more emotional for a few months when I stopped taking bc. I felt more sluggish, and that never really went away. (While on the pill, I would have a spike in energy during the first week, and then my energy would gradually decrease until my pre-period crash.) My PMS lightened up quite a bit, and I have clear skin to begin with, so I can't really speak on that. I did experience a spike in my sex drive, but that was also a temporary effect. My periods aren't as regular now, but the intensity and duration has stayed the same.

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