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Im not sure if this belongs here but this sure as hells seems like a break up.


I told her everything, but charlie the little * * * * told her too but made me the bad one. So once again when trying to hurt me she hurt my friend alot.


All night me and my friend have been up, either throwing up because we feel so upset or arguing with each other and trying to sort things out.


She has finally let out how she has really felt about me but the worst part of it is that she is bloody suicidal and always has been. She tried hanging her self tonight but her mother stopped her.


How the hell am i supposed to make things right for her, i got told to tell her the truth and now this has happened. Im gonna need alot of help.

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Sorry, i was assuming some one has read my previous two posts which explains everything.


My friend Sophie and i have a complicated background, we love each other to bits but there are a few obsticales in the way and we are pretty much an unofficial couple. We do everything a couple does.


During a period where me and Sophie argued alot and we broke away from each other. Charlie kissed me and didnt tell me she had a boyfriend.


Now charlie found out me and Sophie are trying to get back together after i told charlie i didnt want anything to do with her. She told her now ex that me and her kissed when they were together and tonight told sophie.


So for thee last 4 hours we have been fighting and arguing but finally things are slowly getting better, and that she forgives me for now, but only if we dont ever speak about it again.

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