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f-book rules and whats this all mean? ??


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Since December there has been a guy at work, that has the same lunch break as me. My first encounter with him was in the hallway (we work at a school).

he made fun of my for dying my hair again. we didn't exchange names.


now its a few months down the line and I am noticing things about him at lunch. my co worker says that when I get up and walk around the lounge his eyes are glued on me. I walk in the lounge and he is quick to say hello to me. He knew my name one day and I never told him it.


I was leaving one day with my co worker and he was playin hockey in the gym with his friend, and he came running up to me begging me to play with them. I did one shot and left.


the next day I walked in the lounge he screamed there is the hockey star!!! in front of everyone embarassing me.


one day I had one of my kids in a classroom and he was next door to the room. and he left his classroom, came in mine and looked around on the walls not saying anything. then non chalantly turned around and asked if we wanted music on I said no and he said ok. and then slowly walked out of the room. it was bizarre, but I found that to be the point at which I Realized he may like me (Ive been in denial awhile)





in the dating world... cuz I'm new to it... if you ask a guy if he has facebook, and to look you up.... is that basically considered telling him you like him? I mean we obviously flirt. so in his mind, me askin him for his facebook what does he take that as?


I say I'm new to this because I just got out of a long term relationship


I need advice! next thursday a bunch of us are goin out to a bar and I think he mite be going.

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