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wow guys,i was played and am still being played BIG time!!!!!how do i get past these feelings?


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we were dating and it was clear from his behaviour all along that he wanted to have sex.but i did what i wasn't supposed to do and i fell for him. now we don't speak anymore(we didn't that much before anyway) and we still reply to eachothers texts.he text me on saturday nights,to see where i am going.


i know he is only using me and i know i am worth more than the way he treats me,and i never gave him any sex.i never had sex before and i thought i'd wait at least two months to see if he sticks around,but he bailed after a month.and he tells me when he's seeing another girl,when i don't even ask and he was still texting me on saturday when he was with her to see what i was doing on saturday night


still i can't get past this..he's the first guy to ever perform oral sex on me.is this why i feel so attached?

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I think you want to find the best in him.


Really though, why do you respond to texts? Just don't talk to him. Do you really want to be the "other girl". I'd bet a fair amount of money on saying if he did have sex with you he STILL wouldn't stick around. He does want sex, but do you think that once he gets it from you, he'll stick around? I highly doubt he would.


Just give him the axe!

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I think you feel attached because you don't want to accept that what happened could've been a mistake.


You don't have to put yourself down for it but it's okay to admit that you expected something else and that you REALLY can do better.


There's nothing wrong with changing your mind, you didn't know what kind of person he was when you decided to get intimate with him, but it's not the end of the world, just dump him, learn from this experience and carry on with your life.

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Come on take some accountability for your life, you have control over who you sleep with. If its painfully obvious his intentions, whats the question then? Either have sex with him or dont.


If hes gonna leave you after the deed and you dont want that, then this is simple- stop talking to him. There isnt much your going to do to change his mind in the matter.

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I would be wary of this man.


It sounds from what you have wrote that he's got bored of waiting and is (probably) having sex with someone else, but still sticking around in the hope of having that "virgin notch" on his bed post. I wouldn't do it for that reason alone.


I don't think you will see him every again if you go through with it, he's not even around now, so he certainly won't be after it.


Don't ALLOW yourself to be used like this.

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You feel attached because *most* women associate sex with feelings. We can't help it. lol. Plus, he was your first, so it meant more to you.


You just need to merge your intellect and your emotions, and then you will see this guy is a jerk.

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