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My girl and i are in a weird place, any advice?


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Well i have been dating this girl for about month but i havent been able to see her for about two weeks now(because our spring breaks werent alligned) and then two days ago we were talking on the phone and she said that something was wrong and so of course i asked and she explained that she felt we rushed into things and she wished we had "talked" more before we started dating. She also said that she still has feelings for the guy she dated for 2 years and that she needed some time to think. So she wants us to be somewhere between friends and a relationship until she figures things out. She still wants to talk everyday and hang out but says we only kiss. (No sex though). Im just wondering how i should proceed from here? i do really like this girl and would like a relationship with her. What should i do?

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Personally, I'd walk away to protect your own feelings.


Let her sort out her feelings with her exboyfriend but you shouldn't give her your feelings when she isn't sure of what she wants. It isn't fair for her to have both of you and then get to test you both out. Most likely it won't work in your favour either. She will just compare you to the 2 year long guy.


There is always a chance that she could get it all cleared out and end up with you, but, if I were you, I'd protect your own feelings and tell her to contact you when she figures it out.

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I'd start setting up dates with other girls. Right now!


You've only known her a month. If you want to maintain contact with her while she makes up her mind, that's up to you. But don't be a puppy sitting outside her doorstep - you'll only wind up getting hurt.


I guess it was nice of her to let you know about the other guy...just do not live your life around hers.

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If she initiated this conversation you're probably toast. If you had asked and she had said this you might still have a chance but if she initiated the conversation, it means she thought this through and tried to find a way to let you down easy.

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