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Here's my story… So, I was dating this guy for about 7 weeks...we had a good time on Valentine's Day and everything seemed pretty cool. All of a sudden he tells me he doesn't want to date anymore cause "something" is missing...but he can't tell me what it is or what made him decide this.


Although I like the guy as a person alot, I wasn't really turned on in bed. There were some other things that didn't really click, but I was trying to give it all a chance. So when he told me this I was upset but felt that it was probably the right way to go. The problem is, I have this "just kicked in the stomach" feeling really bad.


This all finalized on Saturday and my friends took me out twice since then and I had a good time; but I am upset and preoccupied with this guy.


How long is this gonna last? How do I get him off my mind and accept that I may never know what was going on in his brain?


Also, what the hell do I do if he calls me? I am afraid he may change his mind and want to get back together or just as bad call cause he wants to be friends.


Thanks guys!

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Hi Crusher,


You might not genuinely like this guy for all he's worth. What is bugging you is the fact that the relationship did not have an official or proper closure.


The reasons he gave were too little and unconvincing to you. What you need to do is to tell yourself that he made a loss by not cherishing you. Not being turned on by him is enough reason for you to stay away. Do not compel yourself in relationships. There's not enough fuel to last the journey.


Find your own two feet and enjoy life. There's better game out there! Cheers.

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