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NO idea what to make of this...


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So last night I went out with the girls, the guy I broke up with (even though it was then sort of mutual - read my other posts...) text me last night at about 11ish, calling me by the pet name he used to call me, said he hoped I was having fun and that he was thinking about me...........!!?? I didn't reply, all the girls told me not to... anyway I don't know why but at about 1PM today I text him with a totally pointless text, but it was nice enough... and a little funny, I genuinely thought he'd reply, but he hasn't...... People say it's because he's probably annoyed because I didn't text him back last night, plus I just found out, my friend at work misunderstood and seemingly told the office that I got in at 9am this morning......... so I'm wondering if he heard that too and is annoyed.... I just don't know what he's doing.....!?!! I know guys like to keep a 'safety net' but I don't think it is the case... I just don't know what to make of it and what to do!!

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GREAT. Let him think what he wants. Let him think that you DO have a life without him. A little mystery is good.


As far as him, who knows and who cares. You can't know what he is thinking and why try. Anything is a guess unless he says otherwise.


THEN, if he WANTS you he must say so directly and not just test the waters. Otherwise he is wasting YOUR time.

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It was definitely for me as he used the pet name he used to call me in it... He replied to my text last night, saying nothing in particular, but ending with saying he was looking forward to seeing me on monday... URRRRRRRRRRGH!!


I've got to go through today at work thinking about him at this stag do, tomorrow and Sunday thinking about it... then seeing him on Monday at work... what hasnt helped is hearing that he, along with all the male people in the office were drooling over a girl who came in to the office yesterday!! URRRRRRRRRRRGH!! Makes me feel SO sick!! He's the one that wasn't ready to commit, or 'looking for a full on relationship' yet he doesnt care if I hear about him drooling over women - Clearly!! I know it's what men are like, and this office is, sadly, VERY male dominated so I get this chat a lot, but it makes me think why can't he be drooling over me!!!!!!!!!!!


Feel sick!!x

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Yesterday, bearing in mind hes on a stag do, he text me twice. The first just saying how it was going and hoping i was having a good weekend, i replied pretty blase and what i was up to, then i woke up to a text he sent at 330 this morning saying 'i miss you... (pet name he used to call me) lots!!xxx'


Not sure why he's saying all of this..... does he want me back? I'm not stopping what I'm doing, ie living my life until he tells me.... but what are your thoughts??

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