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can't see the point anymore


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i'm so tired of being lost and alone

i'm so tired of putting on a face for the world.

i think it's time for me to go

unburden myself for the last time

end the sleepless nights and pointless days

find rest at last

i've had enough of life.

i'm done fighting the pointless fight

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You need to change your perspective.


Start asking yourself different questions because it is obvious that you keep asking yourself the same questions over and over again and they are getting you nowhere. The first sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results - try thinking differently.


Life is not easy. We all have to find coping mechanisms and so can you. Have you ever thought of doing some volunteer work to change your view on the world. Give it a try - work at a hospice for a week or two and this should jolt you into reality. Life is a gift and not a curse - you have to stop viewing it in this light.


I recommend that you read anything written by Robin Sharma - very thought provoking and hopefully will change your view. Will yourself to change and you will. Stop the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Speak to the person next to you and you will realise that your cross is actually not that hard to bear in comparison.


Good luck!

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