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If you have reconciled, but never thought you would...


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For those of you who have successfully reconciled--whether it be a recent reconciliation, or one from twenty years ago:


Did you ever think, at any point during the breakup, that you would never reconcile because you had already begged and pleaded too much? Or because the dumper said (s)he didn't have feelings for you, wanted space, etc?


How long did it take before reconciliation happened? Who initiated "getting back together" --the dumper or dumpee?



I'm just looking for some good stories! I'm almost certain that my ex wont come back, which I'm fine with if he doesn't...there are other men. However, maybe there's a chance I could prove myself wrong in the end? Either way, I'll be fine and happy in the end! I just like to hear/see encouraging stories!!!


We've only been apart for about three weeks though. First couple of weeks were with LC (every time I spoke to him, I'd beg and plead...never worked...he got very irritated at me). Now, for the past 5 days or so, I've been in NC with him.

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The breakup between my first college girlfriend and I was ugly. She found a new guy, and she was smug and guilt-free about it. She rubbed it in, in fact. It was a disgusting breakup.


But two years later, out of nowhere, she called me up -- the guy had revealed himself to be a neanderthal -- and she wanted to get back with me. I was long since over the whole thing, and, for me, it was all about the sex, which was pretty good. She actually wanted more. She wanted the level of commitment I had wanted the first time, but that ship had sailed.


Even after graduation, when she and I lived far apart, we'd hook up at neutral sites, but, again, it was only to screw. I'm pretty sure she was engaged (or on the road to being engaged) the last time we hooked up, because she definitely married that guy. Oh well.

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Here's my story. I titled it, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. Honestly, I really didn't wait around nor would I advise waiting on anyone. In the end it was just good fortune.




Great! Thanks!


I completely agree. I am not waiting on my ex at all. To be brutally honest, I've been enjoying my freedom these past few weeks...I can actually do stuff for me and not have to worry about him tagging along and not liking it!


And I'm in the process of trying to do something I've always wanted to do, but he would never do....Skydiving! Just need to find someone who isn't scared of that sort of stuff!

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