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Question. (Girlfriend loves pain during sex)


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Ok well im 18 year old, My penis is only about 6.5-7" Long. Depending on the quality of the erection somtimes bigger sometimes smaller. Width im about 5.5-6.6 Inchs around.


Iv been with a good few girls, but my current girlfriend(Im the only person shes had sex with) is in love with pain from sex.

She wants it to hurt, and im curious to is the type she talking about, the pain from width or length. Cause i didn't think i'd be able to inflict any pain from Length simply because im average.



However (I have no idea if she loves pain in general or just from the penetration itself) Anyways, i was curious to, is this normal and like

Should i be worried at all, that i may not satisfy her to the fullest, because im not large so i can't inflict as much "pain" as another could. Every time we have sex, i use foreplay for about 10-20 mins or more, and she says it hurts going in and for the first bit every time we have sex.


I know you may be saying this guys an alien for thinking of this, but its just a random question thats been running through my head.



also is it normal?, and what are some positions that would increase the deepness etc.



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First you need to make sure what kind of pain she's talking about....I love rough sex, pain is pleasure to me...but I don't like the intercourse to be painful...just the other stuff: biting, slapping, hairpulling, choking...


You need to clarify what kind of pain she wants....I don't know many women who actually want the actual intercourse its self to 'hurt'.

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she might be smaller down there than average too. some girls are tighter than others and their dimensions differ too. some girls are screamers, some are embarrassed at making sounds and don't do it. some are movers, some 'layers'. (my word for girls that just lay there) some girls hate pain, some love it. i'm a nibbler, slapper, choker, etc. some girls match up with me, some not so much.

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She said, she loves the feeling when it hurts going in. (Like not seriously painfull, but like a bit of hurting)


That kind of "pain" or sensation comes from girth, not length. I can't imagine a girl enjoying pain from length. Girth sensation, absolutely.

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She likes the sensation of being "Stretched out".. alot of girls do. I love pain during intercourse, the rougher the better. Some girls do, some don't. Just do whatever you both are comfortable with. If it hurts her why are you worried about not being large enough? Obviously if you weren't large enough it wouldn't be hurting and she wouldn't be enjoying herself?

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i think she likes the good kind of pain...which makes sense, a lot of girls like it. when i read the thread i thought you were going to say she likes to be hit or some BDSM things...she seems fine. in re: when you're going in her, you don't have to be that huge to hurt a girl, especially with just 10-20 mins of foreplay. unless she is extremely extremely turned on and.."open"..there will be some friction when you first go in which "hurts" a bit.

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Pleasure is a very interesting feeling,and often times...there is pain that is right on the good side of pleasure,which makes it all the more overwhelming,which is what your girl seems to mean. I have had experience with it as well. There is nothing like rough sex, I reckon you should just talk to her about it. Hair tugging,biting.. * * * * ing so hard her thighs turn red,spanking as you mentioned, foreplay where she is so overwhelmed her brain stops working because all the fuses got short wired,and at times anal...all falls under this department to me.


good stuff.

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alright well wont no matter how big your girth is, wont the vagina get used to it?


adapt to it i mean.



And im going to try the hair pulling etc, thats what she seems to enjoy.

we've already talked together about this stuff

Any other suggestions?

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