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What's going on with him?

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So yesterday I saw my boyfriend for the first time since our breakup on monday. It wasn't too bad/awkward I just kinda went about my normal stuff and didn't act any different than I normally do. We joked around and talked for a little bit about some april fool's jokes I heard about that day. But he seemed a little different, almost like he expected me to be all sad and bummed out.


I coach youth sports classes and I noticed he would come out the field and just kinda watch from a distance, something he normally doesn't do. He was watching other coaches but every time I looked over he was looking at me. This isn't want I would expect from the dumper... Every says how they usually want nothing to do to you but he seemed more interesnted than when we were together.


What do you guys think is going on? Is he feeling reget for breaking up or just interested in making sure I'm doing ok and not being all sad and whatnot?

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