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Sorry for posting twice in one day!


I feel so weird. As I wrote earlier I'm coming on in leaps and bounds getting over my ex and I feel like I actually don't want to get back together with him.


However - here's the crazy part - I miss feeling that way?! It feels wrong to not be devastated, it feels wrong to not want him back, it feels wrong to not have all those strong feelings when I look at him. What's the matter with me?! All I've wanted was to feel better lol!


I've just seen him (living in the same house and all), it was so weird, I was perfectly polite and friendly. But I didn't feel that old rush of love for him Also, ironically, he kept staying in my room longer, finding random pointless things to tell me, even though I wasn't really engaging in conversation, was typing on my laptop at the same time, he didn't go for ages. He was also a bit weird because I was listening to music by the band that the ex before him was in, and I kept getting loads of texts while he was in the room (just friends) and I know him, he wanted to ask who they were from but held back. Strange, he hung around for ages and was being really friendly and kept trying to engage me in conversation.


Although I'm NOT going to read anything into that, it did get me wondering, what would I say if he asked to come back? And honestly I really don't know.


This is stupid, I'm feeling a lot better, and I'm feeling bad about feeling better?! I feel sad that I'm not sure if I want him back...I suppose sad that the feelings are fading


What's wrong with me?!

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even if they're the ones that did the dumping, their whole routine gets out of whack too and they've also lost someone close to that they can talk to and share their thoughts with.... i think that's why he was hanging around and talking to you... but it doesn't mean he wants to get back with you.... it's like they just want someone familiar to be there to talk to... don't get suckered in! continue what you're doing and maintain LC since you live in the same house NC is almost impossible to accomplish.... but it'll be so much easier to show him that you're strong and moving on

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