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Need serious Help...


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I need some serious help on this issue. Little background... All my past relationships, at least with the girls i was in love with, I lost them pretty much after they went on vacation for a month to another country... and it's always the same country which is where i'm from as well... but we won't get into that. It always plays like this: They go over there, then when they come back they become distant and pretty much it's over after that. Later I find out they hooked up with someone else etc.


So current situation... I've been with this girl for 2 months now in relationship... I knew her for a year or so before as we were friends. She is planing on going down there this july for a month... Now here is where it gets tricky... Her Ex bf is down there and i'm sure she'll see him... The thing that bugs me the most is she was in love with this guy for a long time... It took her long time to get over him and frankly i dont' know if she still is. IT also bugs me that she had sex with him pretty much couple of days after they met.


I don't know what to think or do because most of the stuff is in my head and there is nothing i can do. If she'll cheat, she'll cheat there or here... but i think the history haunts me and i'm going to fullfill the damn self-fullfiling prophecy.


Today she told me: You knew i was going down there before us and if you don't trust me you should just come out and say it...


The thing is I do trust her... but not fully... I mean I know her... I've known her for a while and I know she's faithfull to the guy she is with, but There is something about this guy down there that it's just... wrong... I don't know.


I want to just not think about it and say screw it... whatever happens happens, it's out of my hands and all that... but I can't... it's eating me alive. I need help, advice, opinion... anything... I don't want to loose this girl too.


Thank you all.

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