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How do I stay grounded


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Me and my ex have, as of recently, been hanging out together and acting as if we were back together. She was the one who dumped me and she was also the one who has pursued seeing eachother everytime since then. However, I'm tying to stay grounded and guarded so that I don't end up where I was 5 months ago (rock bottom). I've learned a lot about myself through this break up and I don't know how I would handle the rejection again from her if that was to happen. She is not seeing anyone and says she doesn't want to because she wants to see what happens with us. I'm not going to ask her to get back together with me because I feel that is on her since she broke it off. If anyone has any advice on how to go about this type of situation that would be great.

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I have a few pieces of advice:


1. Set boundaries and don't break them. Don't act like a couple if you aren't a couple.


2. Don't sleep with her, no matter what, as long as you aren't together


3. Don't make any assumptions! Unless she says she wants to get back together, or makes some sort of CLEAR gesture that indicates this, just accept that nothing has changed.


4. Let her bring up and lead conversations about your relationship. Don't bring it up at all otherwise.


5. If you aren't getting what you want, feel comfortable walking away. Remember that you deserve someone who is willing to put in the same amount of effort you are.


6. Take things at a snails pace. Fight the urge to gush about how much you love her, want her.


7. Don't look and/or feel like a sure thing. Make it clear that it will take more than her saying "I want you back" for you to take her back.


Good luck!

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