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Have I been friendzoned?


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Hey every1 this is my first time on here and I was wondering if anyone is able to help me with my friendship.


Back in October, I asked this girl that I met in Sept to be my gf. It was really dumb of me to do so and she said "I'm not looking for a bf right now, sorry". Me and her drifted apart until January when we started to pick things up again. Since then we have been talking more in depth about everything in general.


In short, me and her both wanted to go to our schools play; though we couldn't go because her dad didn't want her to go with a guy who he didn't know.


We have grown to be great friends and I want to at least tell her how I feel. But does she consider me as just a friend and nothing more?


Any and all advice is accepted! Thanks

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Honestly, you just never know. From a man's point of view, we will never truly understand what is happening within the female mind, but that never stops us trying!!


The facts are that she knows you like her. You seeded that information when you first asked her to be your bf. The best thing you can do is just be you. Enjoy spending time with her, make yourself available to her and just get on and see where things go.


However, if you just can't go with what is now, then the next thing is to ask her straight up. This may cause you to stop being friends though, but if you really just must know....

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Yeah I'm really not 100% sure of what I'm gonna do. Sorry about some of my grammar issues btw; i was typing it on my Ipod Touch last night haha.


But yeah everything between me and her has gone a long way for just a few months. I know that whatever will happen, is totally up to her. If i do end up asking her out or be my bf (either one idk), I'm probably just gonna throw in something like, "If it doesn't work then we'll still remain good friends like we were". Thanks for the help!!

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