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When is it time to seek therapy?


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Since the first day i came to ena, ive had one overall goal, and that was to end this pain ive been experiencing. Its been since September and i cant seem to make much head way.


Deep down, i feel that something is holding me back from being the person i want to be, and i know that its myself. I just dont know how or why this is happening, i have a social phobia, im not sure what, or why. But in groups of people i cannot speak, or even interpersonal communication is becoming limited. I dont feel anymore that its just something i need to "get over" and just keep doing what im doing and ill get over it.


It hurts, i want to live my life, i have so many goals and desires, but it seems like im not getting far. People say you need to accept who you are, i dont know if i believe that, its not that im trying to become someone im not.


I just dont know what to do. Should i go to a counselor, back when i was depressed i was seeing one, i suppose i cant tell if she really helped, but being able to just talk to someone, anyone, helped.

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It never hurts to go talk to a counsellor. It will help to organize your thoughts and feelings and make steps to actually achieve your goals. Sometimes we just need to talk it out to come to an understanding of what we need to do. Hang in there and keep striving to live your life, it will come

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Been there CP. What is it that you are feeling when trying to engage others, whether a group or otherwise? Can you describe that?


Hang in there. you WILL get better and accomplish your goals!


Basically, it becomes just mounting anxiety, which then turns into extremely nervous behavior, inability to communicate anymore, unable to make small talk. Feeling uncomfortable and more isolated. I dont know how else to describe it.

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