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I need some real advice!!


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1.)Are you able to pay your share of the bills?

2.) Do you like your job well enough? Or

3.) do you frequently complain about it?


If the answers are 1.Yes, 2.Yes, 3.No

Then yes, he is being weirdly controlling.


Perhaps he is concerned for your safety at work?

Even so, though, I do not think that he is handling things appropriately.


He should be more supportive of your decisions, particularly because the job is so convenient for your school schedule, and well,

education is important, and he should be mindful of these sorts of priorities.

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It sounds like maybe he feels threatened by you.

This is not something that you should pander to.


It's not fair that you're not allowed to pay off debt because you're covering his share of bills.

While this happens, you are accruing debt in interest, and jeopardising your credit rating.


The more you say, the more controlling he sounds.

If you don't follow his idea of budgeting (i.e., you pay his share of some bills, and neglect your own), then he threatens to move out??? Follows no reasonable logic, and is incredibly manipulative.


And then this:


Is nonsense, and belittlement, both.


To say that he should be more thoughtful feels like an understatement.

I think your first assessment was right: he is being controlling.

He sounds a bit insecure, and like he probably does feel better if he can hold you back from achieving things for yourself.


It doesn't sound healthy.

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He sounds controlling. Or at least immature. You're 27 and he's 22? I'm not really against age differences, but I do frown upon maturity differences for this reason.


He sounds like he's assuming that since you're in school and much older than he is, that you should use these things to your benefit so they will, in turn, benefit him.


If you're happy with your job, it fits your school schedule, and you make enough to pay YOUR bills (he should have to worry about paying his own), then keep at what your doing and don't bat an eye at his requests.

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