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Issue today with my family

mr me

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I guess ill start with my cousin just went to the hospital because she had chest pains. Shes pretty young to be having chest pains and shes a diabetic. Her mom is also a diabetic and she always tries to tell her to take care of herself but she doesnt listen. I think she doesnt like dealing with the fact that she has diabetes. Its a very big issue and its something they fight over all the time. I was getting really stressed out because now that my cousin was having chest pains her mom was giving her a lecture on how now she sees why she has to take care of herself. Im trying to understand its just a big issue with my aunt but i think its kinda crazy that my cousin is having chest pains and her mom is basically throwing it in her face. My family is always going to be a problem for me. I cant leave right now because im really depressed and havent worked for a couple of months. That in itself was a big issue but ive tried to get passed that after a big fight i had with my aunt. Shes the same aunt that was having this issue with her daughter. I really didnt want to get involved either but i was really seeing how when someone is having problems when they need to go to the hospital, you dont try to add more problems to them. I also dont think its the time to have the i told you so speech. I really just hope that everything turns out ok and that my family can make it another day without something crazy happening.

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