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After a good date...


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How do you follow up? I just sent a quick text saying I had a great time and looked forward to seeing her again. Asked her what her plans were for another day this week. Is that good?


Do women wait for the guy to say something like this, or do they do this too? Fill me in...

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In my experience, the girl always waits for the guy to contact them...


For the text, I would have left it at... I had a great time, hope to see you again soon... Then ring her in a couple of days and with an idea of something you'd like to do with her (for another date).

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Depends on how well you think the date went.


For the woman I'm seeing now, we both really hit it off immediately, and I called her the next morning (9:30) to make sure she got home all right. I mentioned how great of a time I had, and she reciprocated.


I think you made the right call man.

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that sounds pretty good.


It tells her straight off the bat that you had a good time and are interested in seeing her again.


I went on a date with a guy and he contacted me the next day saying pretty much the same thing. it was really nice.


plus, its no 'gaming playing' either. She knows where u stand.


sometimes if the guy waits 3-4 days, it easy to think, 'oh he isn't that interested'.....

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Well, the text didn't go through. So I called her instead. Turns out, that works much better


I was again surprised by this woman - "come over" she says, "i've got company, don't mind them, i'd like to see you".


The force is strong with me. lol

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