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Start of a reconcilation????


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Hello frnds..


Just a recap of my story….


We broke up 2+ months back over silly and frequent arguments… no trust issue..no commitment phobia.


I tried my bit to resolve the issues on the 1st week itself, but she was firm on her decision. I did not try too hard and went NC except on unavoidable issues(eg-monetary). Deleted her from facebook. Stopped visiting her profile..


But I did wish her on her birthday and sent a card.


NC became LC by end of the first month.

We went to a friend’s wedding together. She stayed back at my place for a weekend. It seemed like happy days were back again. But she again went cold after that weekend. And I made it a point not to initiate contact myself. However she used to call me every alternate days, although never showed any intentions to meet me in person. During those conversation we avoided talking about the relationship in general. But yes I never discarded her calls, was there to help her in a friendly manner.


She started calling me almost daily by the end of the second month of break-up, flirted on occassions. I also called her up on a couple of times.


The major breakthrough came last week when she gave the hint that we should meet... and we spent last weekend together... went for a movie...helped her while cooking...got physical ..... did everything together like a happy couple including great sex .


We talked a lot about our relationship and where we stand. She made it clear that she took the break up very seriously at first but could not stretch for a longer duration. She missed me badly. I told her that we both need to grow up a little not to repeat the same mistakes. She agreed the she was also at fault for the break up.


I am sure she never dated anyone and I have the feeling that she is still a bit confused for a patch up. As per me, I am mentally ready for anything that comes my way... It will be really great to have her back in my life and a little more mature version of her will be icing on the cake!!!


All in all it was a very satisfying 2 days. She has been calling me daily atleast once since then. We are planning to meet again next weekend. But to be honest I am not expecting any dramatic develoment any soon. And will take it slow...


Guys do u see this as the beginning of the reconcilation??? What to expect??? So far I have been very careful and never lost my patience... I never acted needy and desperate.... but at the same time I was never that distant....Thnx ENA for everything...

And yess I have not added her in my facebook yet...

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