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Quick question about paracetamol.

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Firstly, it's been a while since i've posted, but that doesn't mean to say I don't still read a few of the posts. I've been majorly busy lately therefore haven't had much time to spend on the computer.


Hoping you guys will help me with something on my mind?


I've been speaking to a friend of mine. Yesterday she took eight paracetamol at once. She said she feels fine, but has just been feeling a bit nauseous. (However she has a bad cold at the moment too so isn't sure whether it's down to that.) I'm worried though. I've heard the effects don't actually take place in the first 24hrs, and that liver damage is a possibility.

Does anyone know if eight paracetamol is enough to cause her damage?


Any replies would be appreciated, thanks.

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Thanks for the replies. I was originally thinking that hopefully she will be fine as it is a minor overdose- but an overdose all the same. I'll keep a close eye on her. I'm also going to have a chat to her incase it's not the first time. She's telling me it is, but i'm going to have to be certain on this. Thanks again.

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