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confused about a guy situations any advice ?


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I have known this guy for ages we dated when we were 15 we had a brieft thing at 17 but then only had minimum contact until recently when he contacted me. So here whats happened


We were supposed to meet twice but each time he couldnt at the last min. Tlast time he cancelled i felt messed around as he said at first hed meet me in the evening instead but i said no then i text to say i could but he ignored me, maybe i over reacted a bit but i did say sorry the next day to which i got no reply.


but now it`s even more messed up as i made a comment to a friend via social networking which was "there is no decent guys in where the guy lives " and he saw it.

when i spoke to him last night he brought it up so i tried to explain but he kept ignoring me , i sent like 20 messages which he ignored. so in the end i asked him if he acually ever wanted to meet but he didnt answer . So i just said oh well im sorry if ive annoyed you if you ever want to meet let me know .


I was going to leave the ball in his court as i did explain about the message and i said he could contact me if he wanted but my friends saying i should contact him in a few days as i was the one that made the comment.


im so confused as to what to do . I dont want him to think i dont like him , but then hes been ignoring me so i dont want to pester but then how can i let him know im still intrested ? i thought if i sent a text and he ignored it that would say it loud an clear as he would know i liked him but if hes not intreseted he wont text back.


i was just wondering what everyone else would do and if anyone had any advice.


sorry i didnt know where else to ask

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I think if you continue to "overreact" to guys who ignore you, and then send them 20 text messages, you will continue to be ignored by guys.


Here the thing, and its VERY simple.


If a guy is interested - HE WILL CALL YOU.


If he is not, and you then chase him, go crazy on him, or pursue him, it won't make a light go off in his head that he suddenly DOES like you.


Save your pride, humility and ego and STOP harassing guys who ignore you. Put your energy towards a guy who IS interested, and IS pursuing you.

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