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Feeling so guilty about being spoiled :P


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hello all! i don't have a job. i used to work at duane reade back in september.. i only worked there for a week though. anyways, i still live at home with my family. so my parents buy me things. i have so much stuff! my parents have gotten me so many things lately.. in november i got a wii from my dad. a month later i get a really awesome laptop. then i get wii fit which is like $90. and today i got a nintendo DS. this is all with my parent's money. for sure i'm going to pay them back when i get a job! but my real problem is, i feel so guilty for having all these nice things! there are so many poor people who don't have anything.. and all i do is sit in my cute house and play with my cool stuff. I really love my things! i would just DIE if someone robbed my house and took my wii and beloved laptop and stuff. Aaahhh how do i stop feeling so guilty? D:

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I think you should just be thankful that your parents love and care about you, and are fortunate enough to provide you with things you enjoy. Appreciate their kindness and let it inspire you to become a good person who may someday be able to help others in need.





Aren't i already a good person?

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