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Could I still be preggers?


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Late Thursday evening, I had sex with my boyfriend, but after we found out that the condom had a small hole in it. We had stopped before he came and just in case the next day I took plan b. I am worried though because I haven't gotten my period and I should have got it on Sunday. I usually am never late. I have heard the taking plan b can throw off the menstrual cycle, I am just worried and stressing over it.

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If you took plan b I seriously doubt it. If you still don't get your period, take a pregnancy test. If it comes back positive you could get RU-486 from your doctor.


Next time however, check for holes before you put it on. If it is old don't use it. Put in two drops of lube inside the condom to reduce friction and on yourself if there is a problem in that area

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I would say that it is highly unlikely. Precum can get you pregnant but its very unlikely. If he didnt cum then your chances are very remote. I would tend to think the late period is more likely from stress. If you dont get your period soon grab a test kit to rule it out ..

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The Plan B could mess with your normal cycle. It's highly unlikely that you'd be pregnant if you took it in time, he didn't really cum inside you, ...


I think that if you really don't want to get pregnant, you should consider another form of contraception. Condoms are the best weapon against STI's but they are not the best contraceptive.


Stressing over a missed period is usually a good way of postponing it The body is a strange thing in that respect! Don't worry.

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