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I think I may become a hermit again at least then I was free of all the * * * * having friends brings. Before I had friends I was getting on really well in college, I was focused on my horses and I was blissfully unaware of what it was like to have your heart broken. Now what do I have I am struggling through college cause all I can think about is my so called friends, boys and what fun they are having without me. So as previously posted my friends have not been acting as true friends well they just put the final nail in the coffin. I asked one of my friends the girl i am closest to what the problem was and she told me that basically most of them are stressed out over exams and crap like that. So anyway shmuck here thought ok Ill give ye the benefit of the doubt and put it down to my own insecurities which came from years of being bullied in school, so anyway we spent ages conversing online and I said I would call over today for a chat and to borrow a dvd off her which she said great and to give her a buzz when I was thinking of calling over as she had to go to town to get stuff for her mum. So anyway I tried ringing her got no answer tried texting her no reply so i decide on the way home form town i would take the route past her house and see was she in, her mum said she was gone with one of our other friends lets call her lisa. So later i decided to ring her when i thought she would be likely to be home no reply rang the house and her mum said she had gone to town with another friend of our so i tried alot to ring them both then I decided to go into my other friends house to see was she there but as i passed our local i seen both their cars outside, neither were bothering to answer their phones or reply to texts. I was really upset and went home and as i was browsing my bebo friends I seen a conversation between my ex and another friend saying he was waiting for lisa to come and collect him. So basically they are able to make calls and text him but they cant be bothered to pic up the phone to me. So I sent them both a message asking why which of course they have not replyed. So I have spent te last couple of hours crying my eyes out wondering what else could possibly go wrong in my life and why I always seem to get treated like a doormat by everyone I know.

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Sounds to me that you need to get new friends. In real life my friend is my mind,common sense and self worth. I have 3 real friends and we see each other sparingly. Stop basing your self esteen on these existing friends as they sound like a bunch of crazy , jealous cats. Get new friends and ban the old lot of them from yourself on all levels.

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You always see who your real friends are when you're in distress.


It's hard to deal with crap without friends but no friends in better than terribles friends because they will only make you feel worst.




It's true.. your real friends WILL be there for you. Your fake or psuedo friends as I like to call them, will not be!



Don't feel that you are the only one going thru this.. I just wrote a post on this myself similar in content...


You know.. we are all social creatures, us humans, so it does hurt to be left alone, but I think it hurts alot more to be snubbed by our "friends" than just be alone.


I think top bloke is right. get yourself some new friends... these girls don't sound too friendly.. If what you are saying is true...

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