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My coworker is very rude to patients. What can I do?

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I work part-time in elderly care. One of the coworkers I often have shifts together with, is physically and verbally abusive to the patients, treats them like they were not human beings anymore. This evening she called one lady 'old b...tch', luckily she can't hear that well.


Is there something I can do? I can see other coworkers notice that too, but they just pretend nothing is happening.


I thought about telling our leader, but I don't know her very well and I'm afraid that can backfire on me.


Any advice appreciated.



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I worked in aged care (a home for those with alzheimer's) and a LOT of people who worked there were physically/emotionally absuive towards the elderly.

I reported all of those who were doing wrong because it is NOT OKAY to treat other human beings the way they were treated.

At the end of the day, these are ELEDERLY PEOPLE who need to be respected, are NOT being respected and the more that people ignore it all - the more they will think it is OK. It is not.

This issue gets me INCREDIBLY angry and if I were you I wouldn't be WEAK and ignore it - I would do anything in my power to stop it.

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Alot of times these people and patients cannot stand up for themselves.

Imagine that was your mother, father, whomever in there..wouldn't you want to know that someone was looking out for them?


I know the job can be demanding, but if you can't do it properly and correct, then there's no point being there. You aren't doing anyone any good, and they should be reprimanded. And I think as someone who's been witnessing this, you should bring it forward.

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Report it by all means. If you can't do it face to face, collect some evidence (dates, times, incident) and send it anonymously to the head of the facility to report it.


And if there is physical abuse and you report it and it still doesn't stop (the facility doesn't take action), then report it to the police.

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Report her immediately.

The people who she is meant to be helping are vulnerable, and need others to look out for them.

As you, too, have been hired to care for them, it is your duty to speak up in their name.


I agree with BeStrongBeHappy; if the facility won't take action, then report it to the police.

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Imagine that was your mother, father, whomever in there..wouldn't you want to know that someone was looking out for them?


This says it all for me. Wouldn't you want someone to report a person abusing your own parent if it were happening?


Do the right thing and report it. This is just completely wrong on so many levels.

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arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate this crap. I had better NEVER catch someone being like this to an elderly person. I am not saying to do this, but I am talking about what I would do...I would confront this person face to face and tell him/her if she/he doesn't stop it then I am going to report it.


How dare someone ever hurt an older person...these people are left sometimes by their families and may not get much company and feel isolated and depressed only to have people treat them badly. Also the elderly are sick and probably suffering from dementia. I sure wouldn't want to spend 80 or 90 years on this planet only to be abused on my way out to the next life.........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I lived so long to have earned a bit of respect on this planet.


This person had better be glad it isn't me that is working there!

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