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Help Guys!! Don't know what to do?


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Guy from work I am REALLY attracted to. I'm in NO hurry for a relationship other than friends for now. But I don't want to let this opportunity pass me by. There is a real potential future with this guy down the road someday. Anyway, we have gone out with another couple all as friends. I have no idea what his feelings or intentions are. Most of the time I "feel" he is in to me, others I'm not so sure. We are both shy so pretty tough for us both.


The other night when we were out he said to me out of the blue that he got a TM from someone the other day and didn't know who it was. BIG SMILE! I said "what! you think I sent it, no, I didn't" he asked what my number was I told him the last 4 digits, talked a little bit about it, both laughing a little nervously and that was it. Told others after wards and they think he was trying to get my number. I'm not sure. So today, I sent him a TM saying the same thing as the last one. Kind of as a funny, and too so he could have my number. I've heard nothing from him. I'm so embarrassed. If he has no attraction to me I really don't want to come off looking like a pathetic fool.



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thanks for the feedback. This is such a tough situation. I am seperated and have been for 2 years. FINALLY I am ready to move forward in my life. I have wasted way too much time. I have stuff to sort out and take care of. New guy knows this. I absolutely don't want him to get hurt. I don't want to get hurt. But I really think pursueing this is worth the risk. I want to take things slow and easy. As I said before I'm in absolutely in no hurry. I just wish I knew what he is thinking/feeling. I have known him for about 11 yrs and it now seems like I just met him. I feel so nervous and awkward around him. If we could just get past the "do you like me" part, it'll be so much easier. Hard though because we are both so shy.

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