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When to you feel for someone else....


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Well i'll just get straight to the point.

I've been dating my fella for 9 months now and right now he's away in Afghan for 5 months. I love him dearly and we are great together.

Well there's always a but!!

I worked at Marks and sparks over xmas time for some money. On the first day i met this guy and couldn't be around him mainly coz i fancied him, so i decided to keep my distance. We talked sometimes when either of us plucked up the courage to come over. When i was around him i was uncomfortable because i thought i was gunna say something stupid or my most clumsy side would come through. Anyway i left 3 months later. He told my friend to add him on Facebook so i did and both found out that we fancied each other.

We spoke for ages only like friends because i had a bf and i told him i wouldn't do anything like that.

One day he told me it was either him or my boyfriend. I could never hurt my boyfriend like that, so stuck with my bf. He then told me maybe i should delete him from facebook and his mobile number, so i did.

It was kinda hard not going to deni because i surpose i had a crush on him and connected with him really well.

A month later he texts me saying hey, i didn't really know what to say but we're talking about things and i guess he doesn't know why he text me.

Today my bf calls from Afghan and told me he wants to buy a house when he gets back and wants me to move in with him. I dunno what i want, i love him but i'm way to young for that.

I'm stuck and feel like a horrid person. Any advice?

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When does your bf come home?


I think its time to start communicating with him [the best you can under the circumstances..] and see where you two are.

If he's coming home looking to settle down and start a life with you, he needs to know that those are your plans and not what you want.


If you are on two different pages, its not going to work. And its better to communicate that with him as soon as possible so he's not anxiously planning his future upon arriving here.

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i would be totally honest with him and tell him what has been going on. say that you're in it because you love him, but this other guy is tempting me. say you're not ready for that long term commitment yet and be completely honest with how you feel. remember, you'll never regret breaking off something you had doubts for.

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