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The activity equivalent of "not knowing what to talk about"


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Nighttime is not my friend. I like daytime activities (stores, museums, parks), but most typical nighttime activities (bars, karaoke, popular music concerts) don't interest me. This means that when I'm with a friend -- not a date, just a regular friend -- when evening comes I completely run out of good ideas for anything to do. This feels awkward. Often we just go back to our respective homes. I'm not actually tired yet, though. Just couldn't think of anything good to do, even in my house.


What are some things to do at night, besides loud, very crowded things?


What things should I have in my house so there's always something fun to do there?


Do you ever experience the "activity equivalent of an awkward silence"? -- what do you do about it?



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I felt the same way in my previous relationship, that I didn't do enough and because of that she lost interest. It's been a while since we were together and I've used the time to do a lot of improving in all facets of my life. Here are a few of the things I've come up with...


Go camping/have a bonfire, star gaze together, camp/bonfire on the beach (hahaha, I really like camping. can you tell? lol), go for a walk around the neighborhood or in a park/take dogs for a walk, drivein, movie theator, swimming, hot tub, sporting event, concert, go for a bike ride, do kid stuff like hide and seek, tag, etc., make an event of staying in for the night, like a slumber party, a carnival/fair, bowling, casino/poker game, laser tag, comedy club, roller rink/ice rink, sledding, try cooking a new recipe, etc. etc. etc.!


Just look around where you live. There are always different things to do and try, you just have to be creative. Be willing to try something new. Good luck and I hope this helped.

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