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How to ask her out??


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Last friday i met up with some friends (both girls) who i havent seen since highschool. Anyway there is one of them who im interested in, i got her number cause i did not have it before. And i messaged her when i was drunk the next day, thank god it was nothing bad i just asked her what she was duin that night and to say hi to her friend she was with. Anyway we havent spoken since, and i dont really know how to ask her out. The reason for my hesitance is because i dont want them to think the only reason i suggested to catch up was so i could ask her out.


She said i had lost weight when we met up, but i doubt thats enough to suggest interest, i am alot more confident than when i last saw her though. When the 3 of us were out, the other girl made a remark "Im going to leave you two alone for a bit" she said it cheekily.


So what do you all think, how should i go about it??

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I'd give it a bit more time to see if she responds to you. Maybe a week. Then if you don't hear back, call her and ask if she'd like to get together for coffee. Tell her it was nice talking to her and you'd like to do it again. And don't mention her friend! When you said to say hi to her friend, she may have thought you liked her friend and not her.

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