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Annoyed, but should I be?


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I came home this afternoon and took 10 mg of Celexa. I know I have to keep taking it and I cannot stop it in the middle (have to taper off). My anxiety has gotten worse, and seems to keep getting worse as I get older. I hope this takes care of some of it.


JS, as for my co-worker friend, she was always friendly with me and wanted to get to know me better and introduced me, early on, to her husband and kids and wanted to do stuff outside of work (I didn't bite on that because I have other things in my life outside of work). For all the stuff she shared with me about her life and such, I was VERY surprised to find out why they fired her and I never saw that in her that she could end up being that way (it was a personal issue - not stealing or anything of that nature). Actually quite a few people were surprised since she was such an efficient worker and she actually was very organized and efficient.


It boggles my mind that sometimes we really don't know people when we think we do, esp when they tell us a lot about themselves and get close to you.


Oh well.

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Ren, no you don't know the people at work and keeping them at arm's lenght is best. You continue to mention how shocked you are about this receptionist who was fired and it seems a part of you relishes in the gossip.


No, we don't know anyone beyond what we see of them at work and IMO that is the way it should stay.


Avoid the office gossip. No one should have even shared with you why she was fired. It isn't anyone's business.

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ren the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

he looked at your wheel but you keep pretending its not squeaky at all. you are embarrassed to be squeaky because you dont know if he wants to oil your wheel but he does or else he wouldnt be looking at it. (btw there isnt supposed to be sexual innuendo in this) so this new wheel comes along and starts squeaking....


squeak girl! squeak for your liiifffffe!!!


now its a sac race.


try not to live life with regrets. watch 27 dresses. for god sakes before its too late.

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wow, i thought i was reading a 12 year olds letter.....


i think you are looking into the situation with P WAY too much. either you can ask him out, or keep playing these "what if" games, or you can move on and perhaps find someone new. he seems like a waste of time so far.

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I saw this thread when it was first posted (and the previous one), went away for a few days, hoping you’d get things resolved. Sadly not.


I’m surprised that you are letting the situation make you ill Ren. Of course, wanting to know whether someone likes you back is anxiety-making. It’s simple to resolve: just ask them! You can take all the meds you like but it won’t provide you with an answer.


I was in a similar situation to you, over a year ago. Liked a man that I knew socially, and wanted to ask him out. I posted on ENA asking for advice on how to do this. I opted for an indirect approach and asked him to meet me for coffee, alone; and we began meeting fairly regularly. I became frustrated because although we met with increasing frequency nothing was ‘happening’. A friend advised that I should just tell him that I like him and that I want to go out with him. I was too shy to tell him face to face, so after one of our meetings, I gave him a short letter telling him how I felt. Happily, he felt the same way, and we have been dating ever since. Some months later, I asked him about those early meetings and whether he realised whether I liked him or not; he said no, he thought it was just because I wanted advice about work! But thought it was funny that I kept asking him for coffee... until he got my letter.


P is not a mind-reader. Chances are he doesn’t know, or is unsure whether you like him or not. You make think that things you do, or say, make it obvious to him, but they aren’t. He’s not worth making yourself ill over. Stop fretting and sort it out.

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