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somehow we became friends


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Last night I received an email from my male friend that I used to date a long time ago stating that I can no longer email him on his email address and I couldn't stop crying. We dated in college, seperated, married other people, and came back together as friends. We realized our ship had sailed for romance, so we decided to at least remain friends. We mostly just traded funny emails or I would discuss personal topics through email.


This past week, I was feeling guilty b/c our spouses don't know we are communicating...they wouldn't understand that we are just friends. I advised him to destroy my emails to make sure no one finds them...b/c I don't want to jeopardize his relationship by over-stepping my bounds. Then I received his response.


I miss him so much. I was deleting some old messages we traded and I realized he had become a close confidant. I haven't heard from him since...but I really miss him.


I hope he is okay. I honestly don't know what I did or said.


Any ideas what I did wrong?

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You may be right, that never crossed my mind...but you might be right. His response was so short and direct. I hate that happened if it was her. He was a good friend who I will miss dearly.


I know its hard to believe men and women can be friends..but they can.

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I tried to tell my husband that I had male friends..I had them before we married, but he just wouldn't hear of it. So instead of arguing with him (in his mind women and men can never be just friends) I just didn't talk aout it.


I don't know why he never told his wife...might have been for the same reason.

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