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Text messaging freaking me out-please help!


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Hi all, i am seeing this guy and we text message each other every day for hours. i text him tonight and he hasnt answered. there is no reason he would be upset but i am totally freaking and panicking! he always always answers. i cant imagine why he wouldnt want to talk to me. but i cant calm down. i am nervous as it is but now this has me totally freaked!

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possible reasons for why he's not answering:

- he's talking on the phone with someone so can't text back

- his phone is in another room

- his phone is set to silent

- your text never went through (happens to me sometimes)

- he replied but sent it to someone else by accident

- he is busy doing something else

- his phone is charging somewhere


seriously there are so many reasons why someone doesn't text back. don't freak out. go keep yourself busy doing something else and if you don't hear from him by tomorrow then call him. text messaging is so unreliable, you really shouldn't rely on it for your primary form of communication.

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If you're texting every day for hours, you're texting too much to begin with! Why not just call and talk to him... texting is no substitute for real communication and face to face interaction...
yeah i am thinking it might be better. i dont know why but no one talks anymore hardly. its always text text text! i am going to mention more talking more. but then i still would want to text. i cant win lol
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