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do all couples argue?

babii doll

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i had someone tell me that couples that never argue dont exist.


thing is even though im in a fairly new relationship still, we have yet to have an argument or any kindof shouting match. we have disagreements sure, and we always talk things out calmly, there is no yelling or insults being thrown at eachother.


so i guess apart of me wants to prove her wrong.. that you can talk to your partner without having to resort to that..


before the bf i didnt think they existed, as my last relationship was full of fighting and arguments. but with him there hasnt been any of this, so i've changed my mind.


i can see if a couple had maybe 1 or 2 blow outs throughout their whole relationship, maybe none.. just disagreements only.

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The relationship I'm in now has been going for...5 months, and we have yet to argue about anything. There have been a couple of close moments (like you said, disagreements) but never anything that escalated into an actual argument. I know that arguing is supposed to be "healthy" for relationships, but I do like to try and talk things out before it reaches that point because I've had a bad past with relationships full of fighting and arguing, and I never want to go through that again.


I don't know though...probably depends on the individuals in the relationship and their personality types. I know people who claim they "love" to fight with their SOs, so it definitely varies.

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That depends on what you mean by "argue" in my relationship (previous relationship) we got along nearly perfect. We only had small arguments here or there but they were usually resolved within a few minutes of them starting and we never ever held a grudge against each other or stayed mad at each other. Every relationship is going to have arguments or disagreements it is how they are handled that become the good/bad of the relationship. It isn't normal to have a full blown all out argument where you stay mad with each other for days and days. The biggest reason couples have those type of arguments are because they can't talk to each other and aren't willing to listen to what the other has to say. If only people would take more time in a relationship to sit down and communicate the way a couple should communicate a relationship can be extremely strong without constant arguing and bickering.


However with that said, I have noticed in each one of my relationships the longer you are with someone and the closer you get the easier it is for an argument to start or go farther than just a disagreement. But once again, if you can communicate you can work the problems out and move forward without it causing any problems.


So yes, couples DO argue. It is a normal part of a relationship however it isn't normal to allow a small disagreement to ruin a relationship. Communication is key in ANY sort of relationship (Whether it be friendship, courtship, marriage, whatever).

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I was with my ex for 3-4 years and we rarely argued. We disagreed about things and would sometimes have prolonged discussions, but I think we very rarely had a proper full-on row.


It depends how you argue as well I think, I don't like to raise my voice and my ex was very calm when he argued so we weren't inclined to screaming matches

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I've seen some awful couples that just go at it like crazy.


Me, 5 years in..I could probably count on one hand the times we've ever had a disagreement. It just doesn't happen.

We're very efficient with communicating and the type of people we are, we don't go off the deep end with things..we talk figure it out and move on.

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