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Best friend says he likes me


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I have been best friends with this guy for over a year. There's like a big group of friends that we are both in. He's like a really good friend to me and other's, he's really loyal and makes an effort and funny. The other night he randomly said to me he wanted to tell me a secret. He told me he thought "i was hot". i said what tonight? and he said "no in general". This was his way of telling me he liked me and he'd told me he'd started feeling this way for some months and told one other person about it. The thing is i've been feeling the same way for months as well but i'm the kind of person who would never admit it first off. I told him I had been feeling the same way as well and that we are like on the same page. It was strange though because we never flirt or act like we like each other whatsoever so i was really suprised. Anyway my problem is I'm scared that this could ruin the friendship and be really weird for the rest of our group. Also, as much as he's a really lovely friend, he's also really into casual sex and a bit of a 'treat them mean keep them keen' with girls. i really don't want to think that him telling me he thinks 'i'm hot' is not him liking me but him wanted me to be like a FWB.

Another problem is my housemate and one of our best friends kissed him a year ago on one occasion only. She then liked him for like a month but he didn't feel the same way and so was really horrible to her whenever she was around him. (they are fine now) but i believe she would be really angry and it might affect our friendship if she knew how me and this guy feels.

AHHH i am confused.

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I've had a lot of male friends like that. I remember saying about some of them that "They're awesome, unless you're their girlfriend". I would honestly steer clear if he's that type of guy. It could cause strife in your group and more drama than you want.

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If you're worried he's trying to get into a FWB relationship then treat him carefully until you're what his intentions are - don't sleep with him if you can help it until you've established whether he's interested in you, or just having sex with you


And if it might make things awkward for your friendship group thats another reason to tread carefully and see what his intentions are before you leap into anything. You could suggest meeting up with him alone to talk about things and feel out what he's after - he might really like you for you

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