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Why do you keep associating your divorce with attending school in the fall?


Does that mean you think you'll score a big payday from the divorce? Please don't count your chickens before they hatch or you might be surprized.


You can print a picture of your face, but if she has a medical discharge for a mental condition and got disability for that, her attorney can say that she was mentally ill when the violence occurred, that she later tried to commit suicide etc. and is struggling to readjust her world to address her medical issues.


Just because of this one violent incident, especially from someone who was diagnosed as mentally ill and suicidal, it won't automatically qualify you for lifetime alimony, regardless of what you think.


And I don't think a judge willl have much sympathy for a healthy 23 year old man who tries to get alimony from a disabled veteran with a mental condition after only a 2 year marriage. It makes you look greedy and insensitive, and if the judge feels the same way, you might be suprized by the outcome of the divorce.

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I'm not trying to score anything. I've been feeling pretty good for the past few days and I'm just excited and proud of myself for deciding to get back into school.


It feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I don't really care about the outcome of this as long as it is all over. If I lose in the end, hey thats life ans it sure does go on.


I'm thinking about my future without being controlled and abused. I must say that I think it's gonna be quite lovely!

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well that's great then... i thought maybe you were excited at the thought of alimony! many people are disappointed when it doesn't happen, but if you are making plans that don't depend on that money, then good for you, you will do fine!


Thank you! I'm just not a spiteful person. I went back today and gave her some things back (I just left some stuff in her car and gave her some groceries). Didn't talk to her because I'm going NC.


I helped an individual who I loved and always wanted to see become stronger. She's has proven her weakness once again by giving up on another one of life's challenges. Her pattern of giving up and blaming others when the going gets tough is very old now.


I woke up and realized "Hey! She is just not right for me afterall! I can do better!" You'd think I would know that after the abuse, but hey LOVE is some kind of drug that keeps making you do stupid things when you know better.


From here, I'm going spend time with my family, make some new friends, and build a stronger bond with the old ones.


My last 2 years of one-sided marriage was her time. The only way I can do anything for myself is to do it away from her.


Thank you for hearing me out and helping!

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