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One girl - many questions


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Okay so here's the story. I'm doing a one-year certificate course that started in January and met a girl who I talk to in class every Saturday when I see her. I liked her from day one but she constantly spoke about her ex-bf so I figured it was a recent break-up and she wasn't over it. We (mostly she) talked about almost everything but it's limited to Saturdays when we see each other.


Last week Friday, we met up for a group study for our final exam. There were suppose to be four or us but only me and this said girl showed. We sat there and tried to study for about a 1 1/2 hours before I worked up to nerve to kiss her - so we made out for 3 short bursts and we didn't really talk about what happened.


I'm not sure if she really liked it or what but she shut her eyes and let me do my thing so I guess that's a yes? The thing is, I'm very inexperienced with women when it comes unto dating/romance/intimacy/etc. I consider myself really shy and I've had only one gf in all my 23 years of life!


Afterwards, when we were heading home I asked her if she like me and she said something to effect of yes but not being ready for another relationship even though she's and her bf broke up for over a year now.


Do you think she's testing how seriously I want her?



Now about her ex-bf - even though she's said they're broken up for a year because of some shotgun marriage she still texts him EVERYDAY and they even work together on some bar tendering job she does every once in awhile.


Is she over her ex-bf?


In my opinion, I think they're far too close even though she said she keeps good communication with all her ex-es.


Seeing as how today was the last day of class until 4 weeks from now, I asked her to come "hang out" sometime over the holidays. At first she made some excuse about her family wanting to visit country but then she went back to say she'd be available anyhow and as long as it's fun it's okay by her. What's this suppose to mean exactly or am I reading into it too much?



She actually made a note of how long it took me to kiss and compared me to her ex - her way of hinting that I'm slow


What's the next step in moving the relationship to the next level? Would it be too fast if I invited her to my house when we meet up or even before?

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You guys are probably right in that I should just drop her.


I just called her again trying to set a time when we could hook up and basically she's telling me she's all busy and doesn't know when she's free.


Then, she reminded me that she wasn't ready for a relationship and then told me I could call her anytime next week.


Help! What does this mean and what should I do?

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